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  • We’re the largest local job resource in the region. Plus, you benefit from our distributed network of top job boards.
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  • You manage openings as they arise with absolute control over your postings

  • Everything You Need to Hire Your Next Great Employee!
  • Reach Candidates Across the Web
    Your job is automatically posted on aSmartPlace site and on top job aggregators including Indeed.
  • Manage Applicants with Ease
    See who has applied for jobs, drill down to specific applicants and view their resume directly on the page 
    Set applicant status (phone screened, interview scheduled, etc); leave internal notes on each candidate.
  • Build Your Brand
    Feature your logo and active jobs on your company profile page and tie it directly to your social media accounts. If you share your location, it’s conveniently mapped on a Google map. Get even more exposure by featuring your logo on the home page.
  • Find Candidates in the Resume Database
    Search our resume database for passive candidates using keywords and structured profile data including location, experience, education and more.
  • Instant Resume Matching
    Set up alerts to be emailed automatically when a resume matches your criteria.
  • Reach Job Seekers on Any Device
    With its responsive design, your jobs will look great on any device – a critical feature when almost 90% of job seekers are using smartphones and tablets.
  • Qualify Candidates with Screening Questions
    Create a series of questions to help you prioritize best-fit candidates. Questions can be multiple choice, yes/no, dropdown or free text. Create a template to reuse the questions for future postings.
  • We’re Here for you
    We’re dedicated to helping employers and job seekers in the Huntsville/Madison County region find one another and connect.